Some of them are for sale.

Urban Jungle 2 : Red and Blue
Square 1 Multicolour
Sun, Yellow Orb
Tree Tops
Mediterranean Landscape 1
The Boombox
Urban Jungle 1
Dreamy Mountains

Why tapestries?

A tapestry, to turn your house into a home!
I was looking for a way to turn my small apartment into a welcoming cosy home, and I found it. Now I feel like I am living in a castle! 🙂
A tapestry offers more warmth and texture than a painting.
The act of creating a tapestry reminds me of medieval castles, where tapestries not only turned the stones into a welcoming living space, but helped to keep the room warm, figuratively and literally.
Tapestries also adapt to your lifestyle, and go wherever you go over a lifetime, as they are also easier to store and to transport.
Inspired by different art eras: modern art, pop art, contemporary art, folk art, abstract art, typography, and tapestries from different periods.