I love crystals, so I decided to make necklaces and other ornaments with them.
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Find the crystals by colours (more coming soon!)
Pink – rose quartz
Green – green calcite, green aventurine, green malachite
Black – black obsidian


Rose Quartz


Green Calcite

Green Aventurine

Green Malachite


Black Obsidian

More information

Why crystals and textile?

I love crystals for their physical appearance and their earthly connection. I am fascinated by all the symbolism and meaning attached to them.
I also like to use textile for the necklace itself (hemp and cotton, or just hemp), as I enjoy its warm feeling.

How to order a necklace?

I am displaying on this page examples of creations I have done for myself or for others.
If you want a necklace, send me a message, or visit my shop page!
You can also request specific one: let me know which stone you want, and the colours you would prefer for your necklace and macrame pouch. Please be aware that there will be a short delay in this case. I will keep you updated of the process.

Rocks, gems, crystals?

Let me try to explain it simply, with my humble knowledge.

Rocks are grains of minerals = crystalline solids (crystals), formed from a chemical compound, held together by chemical bounds.
Rock = basic mineral

Crystal = material whose elements (molecules, etc) have a highly ordered structure, creating geometrical shapes.
Crystals = pretty rocks

Gem = mineral of pure/high quality, more rare. Often cut, polished, engraved, etc.
Gems = rare/expensive rocks

I am not a scientist! I tried to explain it as best as I could, but I would recommend googling this if you are interested in this topic. 🙂

Crystals and their meanings

Crystals are known for their varied properties.
Whether you believe in them or not, I would say having a crystal necklace on you is like having your talisman close to you, that helps you move forward.

I gathered all the information below from my favourite crystals shop in the UK, “The Psychic Tree”.

Rose Quartz – universal love, trust and harmony in relationships, opening the heart to all levels to promote love, self-love, deep inner healing and feelings of peace

Green Calcite – increase and amplifies energy, raises learning abilities, helps you maintain or restore balance, increases general healing, aids with the release of stored emotions and improves communication.

Green Aventurine – positive stone of prosperity. It helps mental healing, protects against electromagnetic pollution, calms anger and irritation.

Green Malachite – Protects from accidents, provides protection for travellers, promotes success in business.

Black Obsidian – Strongly protective stone, powerful cleanser of your aura, protects against negativity, stimulates the gift of prophecy, assists to wash away the stress and disharmony from day to day life, ridding you of fear, anger and resentment.